Q. How will my order be delivered?

A. We typically ship using USPS First Class Mail (small items), USPS Priority Mail or UPS ground. Please note: The specific shipping method used will be decided during order fulfillment; at this time we can't honor specific customer carrier requests and do not have the ability to leave specialized delivery instructions.

Q. Can I have my order shipped to a PO Box?
A. At this time we don't ship to PO Boxes.  Any order placed with the delivery address listing a PO Box will be cancelled and refunded. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Q. I used the wrong shipping address; can I change it after my order has been placed?
A. Due to a substantial increase in sophisticated fraud attempts shipping addresses WILL NOT be changed under ANY circumstances once an order has been placed (this includes small changes). Please see visit our policies page for more info.

Q. Do you offer military discounts?

A. We unfortunately can't offer military discounts at this time.

Q. I forgot to order something; can I combine subsequent orders to save on shipping?

A. Unfortunately at this time orders can't be combined due to system and workflow restrictions.

Q. Do you stock all the items listed on your website?

A. Great question! It's actually a little known fact that a large number of great retailers (even the big guys) don't physically stock all or in some cases any of their products. This is due in part to the high costs associated with purchasing and storing items that don't always sell quickly and also because it can easily become a logistical nightmare to cover such a wide range of products while keeping prices low. To answer your question, no, some of our products will be quickly shipped directly to you from one of the most respected firearm distributors in the world; in most cases within hours of your purchase, but at most within two business days. We stand behind these products 100% just like the those from our in house inventory; all problems will always be handled directly by us. Order with confidence!

Q. What happens if I mix products shipped by you and products shipped directly from your distributor? Will I be charged twice for shipping?

A. We'll only charge you ONE flat rate ($8.99) no matter where the product ships from. The entire shipping process will be completely seamless for you and you'll always be provided with all associated tracking numbers.

Q. Is this product in stock?

A. If our website allows you to add to cart/purchase a product it's in stock. :) We have several safeguards in place to ensure product availability.

Q. When will my stuff ship?

A. We pride ourselves on getting orders out the door and into your hands as quickly as possible. All in stock orders are shipped within two full business days.

Q. Will a tracking number be provided when my order ships?

A. Yes! Tracking numbers are automatically sent to the email address you provided during checkout. Please note: It sometimes takes up to 24 hours before the number becomes active.

Q. Do you offer coupon codes?

A. No, unfortunately at this time we don't.

Q. What's your warranty/return policy?

A. Please See our Policies page.

Q. Where are Little Creek Trading branded products manufactured?

A. All Little Creek Trading branded products are currently manufactured in the great state of Arkansas. We strive to source US produced parts for everything reasonable. If you're a US based manufacturer and have a product that you think we'd be interested in please feel free to contact us at ben@littlecreektrading.com We're currently NOT interested in overseas based manufacturers/wholesalers.

Q. The ends of my belt/sling are frayed, how can I fix them?

A. Using a razor blade or X-Acto knife carefully trim away the damaged area and quickly run a lighter over the ends in a well ventilated area.

Q. My sling arrived with waves in the nylon how can I fix it?

A. Due to the way our slings are packaged for delivery they might arrive with slight but easily fixable waves in the nylon. These will normally release within a few days on their own but if they don't try hanging your sling over a door or a similar object with the weight of both ends pulling down.

Q. Can you expedite my order?

A. No, unfortunately we can't. All in stock orders are fulfilled in the order in which they are received.

Q. I'd like to cancel all or part of my order; is that possible?

A. Generally speaking due to the speed in which our order process flows we do not have the ability to fulfill partial orders or cancel orders already in progress. Please contact us as quickly as possible and we'll do everything we can to stop the shipment of your order.  Orders that can't be stopped can often times be turned around if shipped via UPS for a $15 fee (our actual cost).

All Little Creek Trading branded products are proudly made in the USA!